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How to choose a suitable commercial garage doors?

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How to choose a suitable commercial garage doors?

There are more and more brands of garage doors, and choosing garage doors with better cost performance is the topic that consumers are most concerned about. However, more consumers often only have a certain impression of the appearance of the garage door, and lack a systematic understanding of its quality and performance. For business owners, your options can be overwhelming – from varying materials like steel, aluminum, and wood composite, to particular performance details like insulated or steel framed. To help you better decide on the right commercial overhead door for your business, check out these important qualities you need to look for:


1. Durability and Quality

The best commercial overhead door is one that is as durable and hardy as it is easy to care for. Low-maintenance service doors that can stand the test of time work best for commercial buildings. They’re long lasting and can open up much quickly than other types of garage doors—three times faster than roll up overhead doors, in fact!

You can also choose from a wide range of sizes or customize your own. They often come in multiple materials and colors, so you’re never short of aesthetical options.


2. Function

A good garage door should have finger protection, good sealing performance, anti-rebound function, manual opening function, anti-prying, alarm function, etc.

In Europe, more than 10,000 cases of severe pinching of fingers were recorded within a year. It is very necessary to pay attention to provide this finger protection device to ensure the safety of you and your family. For example, when the door is in the closing process and your car or child is still staying under the door, the door will automatically rise when it encounters resistance during operation to ensure the safety of your car and children.


3. Opener

The door opener can be said to be the heart of the garage door. The quality and performance of the door opener directly affects the quality and performance of the garage door. A good door opener has a function of slow start and slow stop. This can prevent the door or the door opener from being damaged when the door is suddenly opened or closed, and prolong the service life, which can reach more than 90,000 times. With automatic learning and memory function, it can automatically calculate different forces required for different opening heights, so it is more energy-saving and can extend the service life of the door opener.


4. Insulation

Speaking of consistent temperature, insulated commercial doors are a perfect choice for those who want thermally efficient security. They can protect your property from strong winds and rain, as well as keep the interior temperature regulated for maximum energy efficiency.


5. Aesthetics

Of course, physical appearances also matter when choosing commercial garage doors. Aluminum and fiberglass doors look great for urban commercial businesses such as auto dealerships, service stations, and car washes. Glass doors, on the other hand, are great choices for consumer-saturated commercial buildings like restaurants, salons, showrooms, etc., since they can let the light in, effectively keeping things looking fresh and airy.


Choosing the most ideal commercial overhead door for your business should never be a daunting task. At MasterWell, we’ll work together to figure out which overhead door fits all your business needs.

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