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What’s the best material for a garage door?

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What’s the best material for a garage door?

Choosing the right material for your sectional garage door requires a mix of functional, cost and aesthetic considerations. Happily, homeowners have a wide choice of materials and styles available to them, so it's usually not a problem to find the perfect door for any situation. Master Well Garage Door uses a wide selection of materials, including steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, vinyl and, of course glass or plastic glazing.



Without doubt, wood creates the richest-looking garage door. Its natural beauty is undeniable, and different species provide a whole range of looks, including color, grain patterns and textures. Wood can be carved or milled in various patterns and it can be painted or stained, depending on homeowner preference. You can sand and refinish wood to change its looks, and small chips and dents are easy to repair. However, wood is heavy, more expensive than vinyl and susceptible to weather and certain insects. Nonetheless, for an elegant design, nothing surpasses wood.



Steel is durable, strong and surprisingly economical. It must be painted powder-coated or clad to avoid rusting. Steel doors can mimic painted wood ones via stamped-on grain, and can be insulated to fight wind, sound and temperature infiltration.


The Master Well Door Traditional Steel Collection is available in wainscot, raised-panel or long-panel designs. These doors are made from hot-dipped galvanized steel with a double coating of baked-on polyester paint. Master Well insulated doors feature a steel sandwich with a middle layer of polyurethane for R-values up to 13.50. The Carriage House Collection and the Courtyard Collection of steel doors mimic wood-grain texture, can receive painted or stained finishes and provide R-values up to 12.76.



Aluminum is lighter than steel and can also be made into doors that mimic painted wood. Aluminum resists dents and rust, and good-quality aluminum doors tend to cost more than steel doors.


The Modern Aluminum doors offered by Overhead Door are sleek and are available in a variety of rail and stile widths. Glass panels render aluminum doors of great architectural beauty.



Fiberglass doors are perfect for those who want the look of wood in a more durable and less costly material. Fiberglass resists insects and moisture, and is less prone to warping than is wood.


The Master Well Door Impression Collection consists of steel doors clad in fiberglass and molded to mimic painted or stained wood. Polyurethane insulation provides an R-value of 7.6.



Vinyl is an excellent choice for those who prefer a lightweight, material that will provide durable performance year after year.


The Collection of vinyl doors require little maintenance, as they resist dents and can’t rust. The color goes all the way through the vinyl to minimize the appearance of scratches, and the vinyl is treated with a UV-resistant resin that employs special polymers to keep the door looking new.



Overhead Door glazing is available in a number of styles and materials, including glass and acrylic, among others. Shoppers can select from among a huge variety of designs to create the perfect complement to any door style.

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