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How much do you know about Garage Door Seals?

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How much do you know about Garage Door Seals?

Garage door seals are of great use. How much do you know

What does the sectional garage door consist of: garage door panel, garage door motor and garage door accessories. Accessories are very useful in the operation of sectional garage door. Have you noticed the garage door seal of the sectional garage door? Do you know the use of garage door seal? Do you know the material of the garage door seal? Today, let's take you to understand the garage door seals.

Garage door seal is divided into: bottom seal, top seal and side seal. Master Well garage door weather seal will reduce energy bills while protecting the contents of your garage from costly invasions of pests, dust, dirt or rain. Suitable for Residential Garage Door and Sectional Industrial Door.

Types of Weather Seals: Bottom weather seal, Top Section Seal, Side and Top weather stripping, Passage Door Perimeter Bulb, U-shaped bottom seal Aluminum Retainer,Bulb type EPDM bottom weather seal

Material: PVC, EPDM , rubber,other material by request

Size: 65mm,80mm,170mm

1、 PVC

Advantage: with TPV, EPDM, SILICON than cheap, can be recycled, easy processing and manufacturing cost 50% to 60% lower than the EPDM, a variety of colors to choose.

Application: most used in ordinary doors and Windows.


Advantages: high mechanical properties, good low temperature performance, can reach to -50 ℃. Good weather resistance, up to 30 years of service life. Low compression permanent deformation can be up to 20% - 30%.

Application: Windows facing the outdoor side, need often switch action of dynamic circumstance.


Advantage: high elastic single sex low temperature performance is good, can reach to -50℃. good weathering resistance can be up to 30 years of service life. Low compression permanent deformation, can be up to 15% - 25% , a variety of colors to choose.

product application: On one side of the doors and windows in the face of the outdoor, need often switch action dynamic sealing occasions, not suitable for the occasion of need high tear strength.

Installation method: clip it into the bottom/top seal base of the lowest/uppermost door panel of the sectional garage door, and It can effectively prevent foreign matters such as dust and rain from entering the garage, so as to protect your car avoid damage.

Friendly tip: black rubber is the general rubber for most sectional garage doors. The piercer is mainly divided into round head and t-edge. Before buying this rubber, the buyer must first determine whether the piercer of the bottom plate sealed at the bottom of your garage door is round head or t-edge. Please take photos according to your own piercer type. Wear rubber can be appropriate in the base plate on the point of lubricating oil or cleaning, so as to facilitate installation.

We provide a full range of sectional garage door accessories, such as torsion spring, garage door track, garage door roller, garage door cable drum, if you need to feel free to contact us, to provide you with help to solve the problems on the sectional garage door.  

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