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How to install the hard fast door?

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How to install the hard fast door?

Turbo Installation of hard fast door

1,Installation position: the center of the turbine coincides with the inside center of the column;

2,Installation: lift the turbine on the column with a forklift;

3, Fixation: connect the turbine and column fixation with outer hexagon screw (balancing pad).


Spring Installation of hard fast door 

1, Installation position: inside the columns on both sides;
2, The sling installation: winding three to five turns on the main shaft;
3, Fixation: the preload spring is stretched from the bottom to the baseboard and fixed with bolts;
4, Adjustment: remove the chain after fixation, make sure operation smooth without noise.


Track installation of hard fast door 

1, Installation position: installed in the columns on both sides.
2, Position alignment: make level check with laser level.
3, Installation:  

a,Connection: connect one end of the guide rail to one end of the turbine;
    b, Fixation: fix guide rail on the column with guide plate, check verticality with laser level or plumb.


Motor installation of Hard fast door
1, Wiring: Put them inside the wire groove outside the column

2,  a, Fix the reducer stiffener plate on the turbine cover plate with bolts and tighten the screws.
    b, Fix The motor reducer on the strengthening plate with bolts.
    c, Pull the motor bracket to the top end, hang a double chain.

Panel Installation of hard fast door

1, Lay the door panel in front of the door leg

2, Match the straight rail to the rubber wheel on both sides of the door

3, Place the door panel in the original position of the straight rail and fix it


Chain Installation of hard fast door
1, Installation position: it shall be installed in the columns on both sides.
2, Installation:
  a, Hang the chain on the transmission gear of turbine mechanism.
  b, Put the external hanging chain through the bottom sprocket wheel, and use the connecting plate to fix the two ends of the chain. The two connecting plates should be on the same horizontal line.
  c, Connect the chain connection plate and door panel connection plate, and fix them with bolts.
3, Adjustment: pull up the external chain, and test whether the door body gravity and spring tension are matched or not.


Photoelectric installation of Hard fast door

Fix the photoelectric through the round hole of the door leg. Put the receiving end of the photoelectric four-core wire  end is on the same side of the motor, and put the two-core wire on the other side.


Installation of servo system control box
1, Wiring: in principle, the control box should be installed on the same side as the motor;
Installation height: if the user has no special location requirements, the default position is 1300mm from the bottom of the control cabinet to the ground;
2, Fixing: use expansion bolt (brick-concrete structure wall), self-tapping screw (steel structure wall) and hardware to fix the control cabinet in the installation position.

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