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Why choose aluminum alloy to do garage door?

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Why choose aluminum alloy to do garage door?

Garage door is acting indispensable role in life, industry, it has a lot of kinds of capable person, but the choice of most people is aluminium alloy door.So today to introduce why everyone like to use aluminum alloy to do the garage door?


Aluminum alloy  door can be in its appearance spraying different colors and patterns, can also be covered in the film with a concave and convex texture, sand grain, etc., foiling better temperament, obviously improve the grade, if it is used in the shops, you can let us show in a different shop.


The appearance of aluminum alloy glass door


At present, the market on the general material of garage door contains galvanized steel, color steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, PVC soft board, PVC soft door curtain these materials.Compared with the general door, aluminum alloy door whether it is external, environmental protection or safety performance, has a good advantage.



The style of aluminium alloy glass door


Aluminum alloy door can be in its appearance spray different colors and patterns.In MASTER, you can customize the frame colors: white, bronze, brown, black, etc.Glass options: mirror effect of tempered glass, aluminum plate, screen printing glass, silk glass, etc.Foil better temperament, improve class apparently.If it is used in 4S stores, it can make you stand out in many stores.



The shading of aluminium alloy glass door



The material of aluminium alloy door is qualitative with extraordinary and structural design, can prevent strong light illuminate effectively and ultraviolet radiation, solve the greenhouse effect that sunshine produces to indoor environment completely, apply to the change of all sorts of climate and weather, have long-term protective effect to indoor environment.The test shows that the doors and Windows of the sun can reach 100% of the shielding rate, the temperature of the shielding rate can reach more than 95%.


The characteristic of aluminium alloy glass door



Aluminum alloy shutter door to change the traditional door noise big inherent shortcomings, open or close the process only the wind blowing deciduous sound, give you a comfortable open the door feeling.Master can provide you with a complete set of high quality shutter door.The special aluminum frame with grip-proof hand and common interface can also be used to open the door or filled with foam to increase the insulation effect.


Besides the energy-saving environmental protection characteristic of aluminium alloy door, aluminium alloy door still has the effect that beautifies adornment.Because aluminium alloy door is distinctive modelling and structural characteristic, aluminium alloy door had beautification effect to our living environment.Aluminium alloy glass door because of its peculiar configuration, added many colour for our house, give people a kind of at the moment a bright sense, had aluminium alloy door to beautify our mood to also be comfortable many, we do thing to also be twice the result with half the effort for you, saved a lot of energy to us.Aluminium alloy glass door still has practical advantage, because the material of aluminium alloy door and structure, make the time limit of service of aluminium alloy door is longer than the time that common garage door uses many.


Do you know why everybody likes aluminium alloy door now?If you are struggling to choose a garage door, welcome to browse our various aluminum doors, hope to help you.



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