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How to install sectional garage doors?

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How to install sectional garage doors?

There are probably a lot of people who don't have better protection for an electric garage door, but if you know how to install it, you'll be better able to maintain it.Garage doors are widely used in life, most of them are automatic garage doors, or remote control garage doors.

I. Installation of track

According to the width and height of the door panel to determine the location of the two tracks with a horizontal tube, and then fixed with screws.Measure the distance between horizontal rail and wall and two horizontal rails with a tape, measure the level of horizontal rail with a horizontal ruler, and then fix the horizontal rail to the track with connecting parts. connect the end of the horizontal rail to the ceiling with two tripods made of angle steel with holes and fixed them with expansion bolts.


2. The installation of torsion spring

Put the torsional spring center bracket, nylon rubber ring, fixed flange, torsional spring matching the weight of the door body, locking flange, winding wheel and bearing bracket on the galvanized steel pipe in order (distinguish the left and right sides), and pay attention to make sure the correct installation of each parts. Fix the torsional spring center bracket to the short board in the middle position of the upper part of the hole and avoid the installation position of the chain box.Then connect the torsional spring center bracket, nylon apron, fixed flange and torsional spring, and then connect the torsional spring and locking flange.The lower end of the bearing bracket is then connected and fixed with the horizontal rail connector, and the upper end of the bearing bracket is fixed on the side wooden frame.


3.The installation of the door panels

Put the bottom seal strip to the bottom of the door panels and fix it from the back to the door panels with self-tapping nails.Place the bottom wheel bracket on both sides of the door panel at the position of the bottom seal strip, and install the 1#2#3#4 hinge (4 door plates have 3 hinges, 5 door plates have 4 hinges) and the middle hinge from bottom to top, and fix them with self-tapping nails.The roller is then coated with glycerine and inserted into the bottom wheel bracket and # 1 hinge. The door plate is placed in the upright track and made horizontal. In the same way, the # 2, #3, #4 hinge and the top bracket are respectively fixed to the left and right positions of the top of each door plate in order.Put each door panel by order into track, join each door panel with hinges and tapping nails, make each door panels combined to become an organic whole.


4.The strength of the spring

Put the end of the wire rope with belt ring to the hook shaft of the bottom wheel bracket.Tighten the spring, Do not go above or below the specified number of turns by half a turn, hook the steel rod, put the other end of the wire rope on the winding wheel, tighten the wire rope, lock the winding wheel, then lock the locking flange, remove the hook steel rod.This process has great danger, must pay attention to safety, not only to protect yourselves, but also to avoid hurting others.


5. The adjustment

Lift the door several times by hand, observe whether the door body is smooth, whether the force of twisting spring is appropriate, and then do specific adjustment and tighten the screws of each connection part.


6. Motor installation

Connect and fix the chain box to the motor. Fix the u-shaped frame at the front of the chain box to the board above the torsional spring center bracket and center it to connect the chain box. make "TT" bracket with eye Angle steel, connect the lower end to the motor with M8, fix the upper end to the ceiling with two M8×70 mm expansion bolts .Then fix the hook holder to the middle position on the top of the door panel with M6.4×16 mm self-tapping nail, and then connect the hook. Connect the power supply, observe the motor operation, adjust up and down stroke.


7.Installation of lock

Keyhole should be make by special hole opener, open the center position of the 3rd door panel which is numbered from bottom upwards, lock groove is all down when installing, back cap must tighten.


Matters needing attention

To ensure your safety and reduce accidents, make sure to read the installation manual thoroughly before installation and follow the instructions in the installation manual strictly.If you encounter difficulties in operation, please consult professional installation personnel or dealers.

1, make sure installation personnel to  check the door body before installation, only allow to install the door opener in a well-balanced door body, otherwise it may cause serious consequences.

2. When the door body is running, it is strictly prohibited for people or objects to pass under the door body or stay under the door body.

3. It is forbidden to operate the remote control in a place where the door body cannot be seen running, so as to avoid safety accidents or the opening by mistake of the garage door.

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