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How to Choose High Quality Garage Door Track?

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How to Choose High Quality Garage Door Track?

We Master Well, as a manufacturer who engaged in producing and exporting garage door parts for over 13 years, we can tell you with confidence that how to find high-quality garage door track is not an easy task. So how to choose a high quality garage door track, please read my article.

1. High Quality Materials

We Master Well see material choice the most important factors when producing garage door track.

Galvanized steel rolls are the main materials for our garage door track production, we have 1.5mm and 2.00mm these two thickness of rolls to produce garage door track. We can guarantee that our materials are all first class, and some manufacturers use secondary galvanized rolls or worse material in order to save costs, not only thinner but also more fragile steel. In addition to the material, the zinc layer is also an important factor in determining the quality of garage door track. Poor quality garage door track, when you touch it, your hands will turn black immediately. Don't be afraid, it's just because your hands are covered with zinc coating.

2. Fully Automatic Mechanized Production

We Master Well uses a fully automatic machine to turn galvanized steel coils into garage door tracks. Below is one of our production line.

Under the operation of the machine, our garage door track has been it’s original shape,

Whether it is a straight garage door track or a curved garage door track, we Master Well uses fully automatic mechanized production, which not only saves costs, but also greatly shortens our production time.

Customized Packaging Service

We accept customized packaging service. Our most recommended packaging is wooden box packaging, which can ensure that the garage door track you purchase will not be affected by external forces during transportation, and will be damaged after you receive the goods. All our packaging is seaworthy.

Finally, and most importantly, a poor quality garage door track will not only affect the service life of the track, but also affect the entire garage door operation. If you use the poor quality door track, which is quite dangerous, cause we will not know what happened to your door and cars.

From below photos, we can see clearly that roller has been out off the garage door track. At this time, it is useless to replace the garage door track, you can only replace the entire garage door. One pair of garage door track only costs less than US$80, but how much does one set of garage door cost?

Below is a comparison chart of our garage door track and other suppliers' garage door tracks.

Do you find the difference between them?

We think everyone has found,just from the surface, our galvanized layer is stronger than other suppler.

With high quality and good price garage door track, why you hesitate to contact with us?

If you want to know more about our garage door track, please let us know:


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