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What are the garage door accessories?

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What are the garage door accessories?

Residential garage doors are an important part of your home. Many people might think that understanding the mechanism seems simple: just a door with an electric opener. But it's a little more complicated than that. A garage door is made up of several parts that work together to safely raise and lower your door. If one part breaks, it can affect the rest of the door, often making the garage door unusable. It is beneficial to know the basic components of a residential garage door so that you can quickly identify problems when the door stops working.

Steel Cables

Steel cables are attached to the bottom bracket of the garage door and are coiled around a cable drum for garage doors with a torsion spring or wind around a pulley system for extension springs. Steel cables help absorb the force of raising and lowering the garage door. The steel cables, along with the torsion spring, help lift and lower the door. When steel cables snap, your garage won't lift right.


Door Panels

Garage doors are made up of individual panels and sections that interconnect using hinges and rollers. Residential garage door panels can be made of aluminum,traditional steel or even glass. If one door panel is damaged, it can easily be replaced.



Your residential garage door is raised and lowered by the garage door opener. There are three main types of garage door openers: screw drive, belt drive and chain drive.


Torsion Springs

Garage doors will either have torsion springs (a cable winding on drums) or extension springs that extend along horizontal tracks at the top of the garage opening. The  torsion spring provides the tension required to lift your residential garage door.

If a garage door won’t raise or lower, the spring could be the issue. Replacing a garage door spring is a dangerous job and should always be tackled by a professional.


Tracks and Rollers

Tracks are the metal guides located on both sides of the garage door. Rollers attached to the door fit inside the tracks, guiding the door up and down. Tracks require special lubrication as well and should be kept free of dust, leaves and other debris.



Weather Seal

The weather seal is located at the bottom of the garage door. It creates a seal between the inside of your garage and the elements outside. It keeps out dirt, debris and pests. Over time, the seal can become brittle, degraded or damaged. It is an easy DIY project to replace the seal. Some seals are attached to aluminum tracks on the bottom of the door or nailed directly to the door itself.


Residential garage doors can last a decade or more but sometimes require maintenance. Understanding the parts that make up your garage door can help you quickly identify where the problem lies to your repairer.

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