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Advantages of High Speed Spiral Doors?

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Advantages of High Speed Spiral Doors?

High speed spiral doors are usually composed of a door frame system, a curtain system, a drive motor and a control system. The high speed spiral door runs at speeds of more than 2.0m/s. It is a barrier-free isolation door for fast lifting. Its main functions are insulation, moisturizing, dustproof, insect proof, soundproofing, etc., so that the workshop maintains a constant temperature, constant humidity and clean working environment.

The high speed spiral door panel is made of aluminum alloy, which is double-layer aluminum alloy, broken bridge structure design, high-temperature insulation material (polyurethane foaming) in the middle clamp, which can effectively reduce heat exchange, high-strength industrial aluminum alloy material, with transparent window. Good light transmission. The wind resistance is strong, and the hard fast door panel also solves the wind resistance problem without fear of cold wind and strong wind. The door panel section is designed as a broken bridge insulation structure, which has good heat preservation, light weight, high strength, impact resistance, etc. Features, wind resistance rating ≤12. This door type is suitable for fast access indoors and outdoors.

The use of this type of door can save the enterprise a large amount of energy loss due to air circulation, saving about 80% of energy compared with ordinary industrial lifting doors and rolling doors. The rapid opening and closing of this type of door has greatly increased the speed of transshipment of production and logistics. This product has high reliability, practicality, easy operation and quick repair. The drive control adopts a stable, energy-saving and accurate servo system to ensure the reliable operation of the door body, ensuring trouble-free operation for more than 150,000 times per year. Hard fast door, also known as aluminum alloy quick door, referred to as hard shutter, is a new type of metal fast door with anti-theft and high temperature partition. It is reliable, practical and easy to operate. The high speed spiral doors combines the advantages of high-speed doors and industrial sliding doors, that is, high speed insulation. Unique design, elegant appearance, long service life, good thermal insulation and sealing performance, smooth and free, high speed and no noise.

The high speed spiral doors can be equipped with optional radar control, geomagnetic control, manual cable control, remote control, control box, manual button, access control card, control system can be selected according to customer requirements, convenient and efficient. The hard fast door speed is fast and high, which shortens the door opening time, reduces air circulation, and avoids the loss of heat and cold air. Good sealing performance, the door panel is connected by high-quality EPDM rubber strip, which is tightly sealed and weather resistant;

The high speed spiral doors has good safety performance. The infrared radiation sensor is installed on both sides of the door body. When the door body falls, the person or cargo stays below, and the door body automatically rises. In order to make the safety better, the airbag is installed in the lower part of the door body, and the door body automatically rebounds. To ensure the safety of people and prevent damage to objects. high speed spiral doors is a must for modern workshop insulation solution with their outstanding performance.


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