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What are the different types of dock levelers?

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What are the different types of dock levelers?

The importance of dock safety and overall warehouse loading and unloading safety protocols is growing each year. This is especially true when newer and more innovative technologies are introduced to help speed up the process.

In terms of the loading dock levelers, there are four types commonly used, including:

1.Mechanical Dock Levelers

2.Hydraulic Dock Levelers

3.Scissor Lift Table

4.Vertical Dock Levelers

Mechanical Dock Levelers

These loading dock levelers are very convenient in terms of functionality and usability. They are ideal for most applications, but require routine maintenance and lubrication to maintain optimum performance. Their main benefit is energy cost savings because they are operated manually rather than hydraulically.

Hydraulic Dock Levelers


These dock levelers are powered and designed for high-volume workloads, which means they are the best choice for loading and unloading during busy warehouse operations. They are more expensive than similar mechanical products, but require less routine maintenance. They are ideal for heavy loads, high utilization, and extreme weather conditions.

Scissor Lift Table


The hydraulic scissor lift table is the most common industrial lift in this industry. It raises and lowers as hydraulic fluid is forced into or out of the hydraulic cylinder. When hydraulic oil is forced into the hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic cylinder moves outward, forcing the scissor legs apart.

Vertical Dock Levelers


These dock levelers are mainly used in specific loading dock areas where internal temperature needs to be controlled. When not in use, these loading and unloading platforms are parked upright so that the overhead doors are completely closed, preventing any unauthorized personnel from entering the building and enhancing the safety of the building.

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