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What is a garage door cable drum?

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What is a garage door cable drum?

Master Well Garage door cable drums are part of the garage door balance system. they rotate at both ends of the torsion spring shaft and help tighten and release the steel wire rope and undertake most of the load-bearing work of the garage door.

A pair of garage door cable drums are installed above one pairs of vertical tracks. If your garage door is noisy or unstable, it may be the problem of your cable drum.

Master Well cable drum mainly has the following three types, which are suitable for three different lifting methods, standard lifting, high lifting and vertical lifting.

 Different door heights and different lifting heights needs to use the different model of cable drums.

Master Well has more than 20 different models of cable drums, please provide the detailed door height or lifting height when placing an detailed order.

Features of garage door cable drums

1. A pair of garage door cable drums is composed of one left and one right drums. The garage door cable drum installed on the left is painted in red, and the right side is painted in black. One pc garage door cable drum has two screws, so one pair of cable drums has 4 screws, which is used to assemble the torsion spring shaft. Take 8'NL's ordinary lifting torsion spring as an example, it is suitable for door height within 8', 1/8'' thick wire rope and 1'' diameter torsion spring shaft.

2. The garage door cable drum is not made of steel, but made of high-quality aluminum alloy cast aluminum, which will make the weight lighter and rust-proof and stronger.

3. The garage door cable drum is very easy to install. It can be tightened on the torsion spring shaft with only 4 screws. After installing the wire rope, it is easy to find out the right position of other accessories of the garage door, so the garage door cable drum is not only easy to install but also easy to replace.

4. The garage door cable drum is a very core part. If you find any problems with your garage door cable drums, please replace it immediately to prevent more serious problems with other accessories. Master Well will provide you with the best quality service.

5. The garage door cable drum is produced by emerging technology, the mass production of the mold ensures the quality, and there will be obvious reinforcing ribs on the surface to make it more stable and firm.

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