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What is Aluminum Spiral Fast Door?

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What is Aluminum Spiral Fast Door?

Master Well High Speed Aluminum Spiral Door is the globally unique result under innovation and creative approach to the latest technology.

The outstanding advantage of Spiral doors is Energy Saving, as the desired temperature (warmth or cold) is maintained through the fast opening and closing speed, that heat loss stays controlled.

The doors are designed to achieve the incredible running speed at 2.0m/s during operation, to be applicated to industrial site which requires to eliminate draughts, keep temperature zones constant and dampen noise.

Aluminum spiral fast door is widely used in underground garage, automobile factory, food, chemistry, textile, electronics, supermarket, freezing, logistics, storage and other places, can meet high performance logistics and clean place.

Control System

The control system of aluminum spiral door consists of servo system, with core part of DSP chip. And the system can set the opening height of the door by receiving absolute encoder signal, which is installed at the end of the motor.

Control box option: KEWEI&SHIHLIN, SIEMENS & MITSUBISHI system.

Lifting Mechanism

Aluminum alloy guide of load-bearing track is adopted to ensure no noise and no friction between door curtain and track when running at high speed. According to the civil structure on site, there are different types of turbine suction type, elliptical suction type, straight lift type, standard 90 degree bend lift type or more orbit mode. And the standard one is turbine suction type and elliptical suction type.

Aluminum Door Panel

Aluminum Door Part consists of sectional door panels, which is made by: aluminum insulated door panel, soft connection rubber seak, load-bearing adhesive chain, guide wheel .etc.:

1. 40-50 mm thickness of aluminum alloy door curtain, surface treated with anodic oxidation and organic coloring, categorized by ARF40N ARF40F, ARF50N, EA40NH, EA40NF, color options: white, silver, gold metallic, grey, blue;

2. After connecting the aluminum curtain sheet with the soft connection rubber strip, the folding life of the soft connection can reach more than one million times;

3, Load-bearing side hinge is designed to balance the force of panel connection parts between each section; which guarantees the flatness of door panels, even after long time operation.

4. When the door body is running, it slides in the aluminum alloy track through the guide wheel which is made of polyurethane, and no friction and noise will occur during the highest speed running.

Safety System

1. Infrared safety protection electric eyes: there are lightning eyes on both sides of the door frame; When objects under the fast door, it keeps the door open; When the door is closing, and there is an object passing through the bottom, the door will be opened to the opening limit position, and only close till there is no obstacle below;

2. Bottom safety edge protection sensor: when the door is closing, and some object in the blind area of infrared safety protection device, the door can sense pressure at the bottom of the obstacle, and rebound in the opening limit position of the door, to effectively protect the lower object or pedestrians to avoid accidents, via a safety edge protection device.

3. Screen protection system: this configuration is one of the most effective safety protection way for industrial doors. In the very vertical direction, the screen protection sensor is installed inside both side guides, which  is usually composed of 18 set of baldheaded, using 485 communication protocol, also can be set to calculate the door curtain position according to real-time height of door body, also to protect pedestrians or object effectively.

This is 4 aspects of the aluminum spiral door control system, including control system, lifting mechanism, aluminum door panel and safety system. 

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