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6 Tips How to Maintain Garage Door?

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6 Tips How to Maintain Garage Door?

6 simple things can extend the life of our garage doors and keep the base running in balance. Many garage homeowners enter and exit their homes almost exclusively through the garage door, and if it's you, break this habit.

Schedule Inspections

Homeowners tend to ignore their garage doors until there is a major problem that is very expensive to fix, and routine maintenance of garage doors should be as frequent and careful as car maintenance. Garage doors need to be inspected twice a year and need to know the condition of panels, hinges, rollers, cables, tracks, springs and other parts. It's helpful to schedule regular inspections with a garage door repairer.

Clear Tracks and Tighten Hardware

Remove rust and debris from the rails on both sides of the garage door. Check the brackets that attach the track to the wall and ceiling, as well as the fasteners that secure the garage door opener. Door vibration can loosen hardware, so use a socket wrench to tighten loose bolts.




Keep the rollers and other sliding parts lubricated so that some of the pressure on the rollers and opener can be reduced. Twice a year, lubricate the rollers and hinges. Dust can collect and build up on these parts, which is why our garage doors produce noise.

Test the Door Balance

The Torsion spring was the key to keeping our entire set of garage doors balanced, and it also ensured that our doors would open and close smoothly. An unbalanced garage door can make the opener inoperable, shortening its lifespan.

Here's how to test your balance: Close the garage door and pull the release handle, which disengages the automatic opener. Then manually lift the door until it is about half-open. If it creeps up or down, the door is unbalanced or the spring is worn. To repair, call a professional garage door repairer.

Replace Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping keeps cold air, water, and dust out of your garage, it's sold at hardware stores and major home improvement stores, and it can be installed on the bottom aluminum seal. If you find it hardened or cracked, replace it in time.

Clean and Paint

The surface of the steel garage door is easy to be stained with dust, sand, and rust is easy to appear under the wind and rain, so it needs to be painted. If it is a fiberglass door, it will need to be cleaned with detergent. This can protect our garage door very well.


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