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What Are The Advantages of Aluminum Bifold Doors?

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What Are The Advantages of Aluminum Bifold Doors?

Aluminum bifold doors are easy to install

Whether you want to replace the whole wall of your home or install several doors in a small opening, bifold doors are ideal. You can install any number of doors in most sites, from more than 2, including corners and bay windows.


Aluminum bifold doors are easy to live with and maintain

If you choose to replace the wall, you can add a "traffic door" to the structure, which means you can still get in and out quickly without opening and closing multiple panels. Although the traditional courtyard gate needs to be installed on the elevated track, which will lead to the rising threshold and potential tripping hazard, the aluminum bifold door can be installed at the ground level, which eliminates these concerns and provides a more attractive finish.

The folding type can be equipped with various safety fingers and anti-collision functions to prevent accidents. It is a good idea for families with children. As the door is installed on the rail, there are multiple folding points, which will be stacked neatly after opening.

Aluminum bifold doors can easily be kept in good condition, because they are like windows, and only need to be wiped with daily cleaning solution once every other period of time.

Let your home enjoy natural light and fresh air is the best way to combine the two worlds. When you want privacy, you can easily purchase custom blinds for your bifolds.

Aluminum bifold doors are widely used

There is a misunderstanding that the aluminum bifold door is only suitable for modern families, but in fact, it has a variety of styles, configurations and designs to choose from, and it is also beautiful in traditional families. Bifolds can enhance houses of all sizes, including fully customized designs to accommodate unconventional layouts. When the door is folded, it can be folded inward or outward, so you can choose the setting that best suits your home.

The flexibility of the bifold structure means you can change as often as the British weather from opening all the way for sun to closing completely against a storm.


Aluminum bifold doors stylish

Aluminium is a great choice for the frames as it's strong, light, easy to maintain and lasts a long time. Aluminium can also be finished in a woodgrain or metallic effect or powder coating in the colour of your choice. If you're after a more classic finish, timber frames are also an option but they will require more maintenance and may need to be strengthened with an aluminium core.

Aluminum bifold doors are very safe

Bifold structure includes multiple locking points, making them some of the safest patio doors, especially when made of aluminum. Aluminum bifold doors shall be installed on completely closed tracks to prevent intruders from entering by lifting them out of the tracks.


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