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What garage doors are suitable for summer

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What garage doors are suitable for summer


Summer is coming and the cold winter has passed. It's time to start doing some garage door maintenance. The heat and humidity in summer promote rust and mildew, and destroy many of the items we put in these places. The good news is that even the hottest garage can start turning it into a summer resort.


The cold winter has a great impact on the garage door. Therefore, some maintenance is needed in summer to keep it smooth and efficient. So how did you start preparing your garage door? Start with the inspection door. The inspection door can make you notice the necessary changes. Key points for inspection include springs, cleanliness, hinges and locks. These components play an important role in improving efficiency.


Cleaning the door

In the cold season, few people take the time or even consider cleaning the garage door. Therefore, your garage door may be very dirty. Therefore, after checking the garage door, it's time to clean it. Cleaning the door can remove dirt and dust. Use water and detergent to make sure you clean both sides of the garage door.


Lubricate the hinge

Due to the cold and humid weather in winter, the hinges or moving parts rust. This prevents the door from working properly. Lubrication makes moving parts more convenient. It makes the door easy to operate and prevents any form of damage. When lubricating, avoid using too much oil. Too much oil will attract and retain dust and dirt. Second, to avoid any future disasters, use recommended lubricants or those specifically designed for your particular door.


Remove rust

Steel garage doors may rust, but they are easy to repair. Polish the rust, apply primer, and then apply exterior paint. You can use latex paint on your entire door to protect your door from future rust problems.


Fix the torsion spring

Rust is a common feature of many metal parts. No matter what you do with the spring. Rust will continue to appear. If your springs are not installed in the pipe, in order to prolong their service life, wash them often to ensure that they will not break or rust. You can't use them.


Summer is coming. We hope this article can help you prepare your garage door for the coming summer. Adapt your garage door to summer. Master well, master your door well.

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