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Torsion Spring

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  • How do we open the garage door when the garage door spring is broken?
    Follow these 3 steps to safely open your garage door manually if the spring has broken:Disengage the garage door opener from the door by pulling on the rope attached to the opener’s J-arm until the mechanism unlatches.Enlist the help of another person since the garage door will be too heavy to handl
  • Why do garage door torsion springs break?
    What are garage door torsion springs?Garage door torsion springs are coils made by large gauge steel wire that use torque or rotating force to counterbalance garage doors' weight. Garage doors weigh between 200 to 500 pounds, depending on door type and size. The garage door torsion springs are typic
  • What are the garage door accessories?
    Residential garage doors are an important part of your home. Many people might think that understanding the mechanism seems simple: just a door with an electric opener. But it's a little more complicated than that. A garage door is made up of several parts that work together to safely raise and lowe
  • What is the average life of a garage door?
    What is the average life of a garage door? Garage doors provide homeowners with protection and comfort, while sheltering vehicles from the elements. If you ask anyone how long the newly installed roof on their home should last them and they will more than likely tell you right away without even thin

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