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Garage Door Opener

Our garage door motor has been CE certified and its unique shape is loved by people. Different torque to suit your garage door: 800N, 1000N, 1200N, 1500N, 1800N. 

Micro intellectual control: 

One button to control open, stop and close. The light will be on while opening or closing the door, three minutes later the light will be off automatically. Control the unit running by computer program. Test the force of open or close the door, the optional function is photo beam, auto-close, lock door, etc. The door will pause momentarily then rebound when it reaches the hinders on the closing way. The protecting functions are overload, over hot or low power input, etc. Low noise, soft start, slow stopping to protect the unit and make sure it can be used for a long time. Working situation can be shown on the LED screen.

Optional Functions: Photo beam, battery backup, wall button and flash light.  

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