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How to Choose A Garage Door?

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How to Choose A Garage Door?

Park your car in a safe and reliable location, not only to avoid the sun and rain, but also to save a lot of worry, which is why everyone will buy a special garage. Garage will be equipped with a special garage door, both safe and convenient, so about how to choose and buy garage door, today let us talk about the relevant knowledge, and what kind of garage door durable?  


The security of Garage door

Safety is the key factor to the garage door. Because the garage door width is very big, so pin bar lock is generally used , the use of this lock is simple and convenient, the price is cheap, but the security is general.


The appearance of Garage door 

Garage door is an external facility, so beautiful or very important, the standard we measure the garage door appearance is mainly to see whether the surface is smooth, is the color soft, are there radiation, anti - rain, anti - corrosion, anti - scratch function.


The Material of garage door

Common garage door material has two kinds: recycled aluminum and aluminum magnesium alloy, general high quality garage door profile made of aluminum magnesium alloy, and thickness can reach more than 1mm, aluminum magnesium alloy profile mostly use primary color, without coating; Lower quality profiles are recycled aluminum, which reduces toughness and service life.


For example, the garage door noise is relatively loud, not only the sound of the switch, and some wind blowing, will seriously affect the rest of others. So choose garage door, to repeatedly test its noise, as far as possible to choose a muffler process processing garage door.


The track design of garage door

 Proper track design can make it run more smoothly and last longer. The neat design should be chose When consumer buy a garage door.


In generally, galvanized steel with PU foaming is the best choice. It has many advantages showed as following:

Heat insulation

The energy-saving polyurethane is quality heat insulator, non-absorbing and wear-resistant material with R-Value 13.73

Finger Protection

Safety is important to today's homeowner. As your door closes, the exclusive finger protection system gently pushed fingers away from section joints.


Triple-layer door includes the ultimate in thermal properties, plus a layer of steel for a finished interior look and adds durability.

High Strength & resistance material

Due to heavy-duty exterior and interior steel, polymeric coating keeps the door nice appearance, low maintenance, durable and reliable.

Air Tightness

The sealing system between door panels and around the door leaf increases the air tightness, prevents heat loss and blocks airflow between sections.

Noise Insulation

The thermal-insulation has sound-proof property. They prevent noise penetrating from the surroundings effectively


As the garage door is an integral part of the home's design, architecture and security, out garage door features a range of styles, colors and options that will be perfectly fit your home.

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