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How Long Do Glass Sliding Patio Doors Last?

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How Long Do Glass Sliding Patio Doors Last?

The glass sliding patio door is not only the window to the outside, but also the main force to open your home. There are so many open and close signs. Your sliding patio door needs some TLC, or it's time to put it out in the pasture!

Standard sliding glass doors use rails and rollers to move from front to back. Dirt and dust can clog the track, making it difficult to open and close. Forcing open and close a sticky door may damage it.

Here are some steps to keep the door clean:

1. Keep the glass clean

Most sliding patio doors are made of glass, which is a great way to show off your yard or focus on children or pets playing in the backyard. As usual, the glass Windows need a lot of maintenance to keep them clean. The weather outside also makes it more difficult to keep doors clean. The best way to clean sliding glass doors is to use a glass cleaning spray or a mixture of white vinegar and hot water.


2. Stay on track

In addition to keeping the door glass clean, it is also important to keep the door track and roller practical, which makes the actual sliding motion possible.


3. Keep it running smoothly

Sometimes your sliding glass door doesn't run smoothly and you may need to adjust the roller to get it back on the right track.


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