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What are the features of glass pivot door?

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What are the features of glass pivot door?

A glass revolving door is not a normal door because it does not need to be opened at one end of the door. This type of door has no hinges, but has a fulcrum, usually a few inches from the door frame. It has an automatic shutdown mechanism that swings 360 degrees in all directions. This creates a feeling of having a secret passage, which makes the door movement very elegant.

Innovative pivot hinge system

The glass pivot door is equipped with a pivot hinge system, which is an automatic closing mechanism. The system allows glass swing doors to swing up to 360 degrees or in all swing directions. It also makes the 150kg glass revolving door feel like light cotton or feathers. The pivot hinge in the glass pivot door is not visible during and after installation.

A graceful movement

The difference of common hinge door and glass revolving door depends on the way the door moves. Depending on the position of the top pivot and pivot hinge system, the pivot door pivots or moves smoothly on the vertical axis.

The passage of natural light

Glass side hanging doors are transparent, so plenty of light can enter your home. Natural light reduces the use of artificial light, which lowers your energy costs. Allowing sunlight into your home can enhance the beauty of your interior Spaces.

The hidden door

The door frame provides a variety of visual lines for ordinary hinged doors. Glass side hanging doors can be frameless and can be used without handles. The hinge system of the glass pivot door can be hidden inside the glass door. This means that your glass revolving door can be free from any visual interference.

An impressive profile

The glass side hanging doors feature an impressively stylish design. The style of a glass pivot door can definitely enhance your home's decor and interior finish.

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