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Garage Door Opener

  • Model: MO.SGD2800
  • Trademark: Master
  • Origin: Wuxi, China
  • Packing: Less than one container, wood cases is needed; Full container, carton box only.
  • Unit: set
  • Min order: 100
  • TransTime: With 15-20 working days
  • Transportation: 1
  • Payment: T/T

Garage Door Motor


* Doors are easily opened by hand by means of the releasing system in case of power off 

* Simple programming of operation settings

* Built-in receiver on the control board allows you to program 20 transmitters

* One push of the remote button and you drive straight into your garage

* Availability of a lamp for garage lighting (10W), the courtesy light allows you to see inside the garage 

* Automatic refund function in case of obstacles

* Availability of antomatic closing function with programmed delay time 

* Different torque to suit your door: 600N, 800N, 1000N, 1200N, 1500N



Model Number: MO.SGD2800



General MO.SGD2800
Decording Rolling Code
Input Voltage 220V/50Hz ;110V/60Hz
Motor Power DC 24V
Radio Frequency 433.92MHz
Output Torque 800N, 1000N, 1200N, 1500N
Max Door Weight 80KG, 100KG, 120KG, 150KG
Max Opening Speed 160mm/second
Max Lifting Height 3.6m
Drive Mechanism Chain drive, belt drive(up to 4.5m/pc) / aluminum track
Limit Settings Electronic
Transformer Overload Protection
Soft-start/stop Yes
Working Environment -20℃-70
Protection Class IP20



Master Well Overhead Garage Door Opener is designed to suit residential single and double doors, for single sheet panel, fiberglass panel, insulated steel panel and also the wooden timber doors. The components and materials used ensure this opener will provide years of simple and secure operation.

To open or close the door simply press a button on the hand-held remote transmitter or wall mounted transmitter. During open and close cycles the door can be stopped by pressing the button again. The next push of the button will reverse the door’s direction.

Every time a transmitter is used a new security code is randomly generated from millions of possibilities. This greatly enhances the security of the system and makes ’’code grabbin’’  a thing of the past.

Electronic Limits does away with manual adjustment of the door’s limits position.

While the door is performing a close cycle, should it hit an obstacle or be restricted in some manner, it will automatically reverse. The door will also stop if restricted whilst opening. The Safety Photo Cell should be checked monthly.

The courtesy light comes on automatically for 2 minutes whenever the door is activated.

The opener is fitted with a Battery Back-up kit for operation in the event of a power outage, or where main power access is not available. NOTE: If the door is the only entrance to the garage, and a battery backup kit is not fitted, an Emergency Key Release System (E.K.R.) should be fitted externally to the garage.

The opener is equipped with a manual disengaging device. If the power to the opener is disrupted, the door can be put into manual mode by pulling down on the Manual Release Mechanism string handle at an angle towards the door. This allows for the manual operation of the door. To re-engage the opener, pull the string handle away from the door.

Standard Kit:

1. MO.SGD2800 MOTOR HEAD 2800
2. 4 button remotes x 2 U_AT12
3. 1 piece ‘’pre-assembled’’ rail x 1 MOTOR TRACK STEEL
4. Mounting hardware kit x 1 Mounting bracket and Accessorie
5. Release clutch kit x 1 smartImg
6. Installation Manual and Warning label x 1  


Operation options:

1) Bluetooth Receiver, compatible for both IOS and Android system

2) Wireless Pin code lock. Installed on the wall

3) Wireless wall switch, 2 button/3 button

4) Photo beam protection device

5) GSM receiver, insert SIM card and call to operation

6) Backup battery, in case of power failure



Advantage: Garage Door Opener

1.  Low MOQ: One set is available for checking our quality first conveniently.

2.  Good Quality: Your client satisfied on our quality. You can get good reputation from your market and

obtain more orders.

3.  Good Service: Our professional service before and after sale.

4.  The reasonable price

5.  Fast & Cheap Delivery: We have big discount from forwarder (Long Contract).

6.  OEM is welcome. 

Packing Details: 

Customer's feedback:

1.  We achieved win-win in business, we are also the friends.                     --Mr Sam Leo-Andoh

2.  MASTER can offer a wide variety of garage doors for homes and businesses. Their doors make our company perfect solution to our customers.                               --Mr Adam Seipl

3.  They are reliable business partner. Garage doors from MASTER add a functional and distinctive appearance to our business.                                             -- Mr. Arbi Sofian

4.  I saw that your garage doors are excellent, I want push the order very soon.                                                                                                                     --Edward Grullon  

Choose us, not only your suppliers but also your good friends!


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