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What to do when your garage door tracks are bent?

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What to do when your garage door tracks are bent?

Bents on garage door tracks are a usual scene as they require a lot of movement and weigh hundreds of pounds. Since they are in use frequently, it is pretty natural for the parts to wear out or even break down sometimes. These bent tracks should be repaired immediately so that the garage door can operate effectively. Fixing a garage door with bent tracks require some track replacement, contingent on the damage extent.

Reasons for Bent Garage Door Tracks


Obstructions like dirt, sand or other grits can often cause hinderances in the operation of the garage door by preventing the cables and rollers from moving. This tension created can lead to bending of the tracks.

2.Broken cables

Cables often pull and support the functioning of the garage door. If one of them gets damaged, there will be a lot of unsupported weight on the garage door tracks, leading to bents.


Most bents on the garage door tracks are because of the impact left by the vehicles used by the homeowners.

If you observe damages on your garage door tracks, it is your duty to stop the usage and get a professional to check it out because further usage can cause damage and lead to the garage door falling off its track.

1.Checking the garage door tracks on your own.

If you observe that the tracks are bent, you can loosen the bolts holding the track in place. Make sure that you don’t remove them and then slowly tap the track back in a vertical position. You can use a pair of pliers to straighten them. Once the tracks are straightened, it is best to tighten the bolts back into place.

2.Reapplying the door

You will observe that the tracks have a straight angle and a curved side. On reattaching the track, make sure that the straight side faces the wall. The bolt heads should be flushed inside the tracks so that the threads bulge through the track brackets. At the end of the fixing, securely tighten the nuts in place.

3.Repair it yourself

The bents of the garage door tracks can be repaired by using a claw hammer so that the track can be bent back into shape. If this procedure doesn’t work, then you’ll need to replace it with a new one. You can purchase new tracks from us  at a cost-effective price. Once you reinstall the track, make sure that you keep adequate track spacing for the track to function properly.

If your horizontal tracks are bent, then its best you connect with professional experts like us because fixing those are complicated and require professional expertise. Other than that, always pay attention to bent tracks. They may operate for some time, but eventually, they can lead to huge damages which can ultimately lead to expensive problems.


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