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Central Bearing Bracket Industrial

  • Model: MAS0305, MAS0356, MAS0705, MAS0805
  • Origin: Wuxi, China
  • Packing: Less than one container, wood cases is needed; Full container, carton box only.
  • Min order: 1 Set
  • TransTime: With 15-20 working days
  • Transportation: 1
  • Payment: T/T

Central Bearing Bracket for Industrial Sectional Door:

Spring Anti-Break MAS0305
1. Material: Steel/Zinc plating
2. Equipped with 1’’ bearing
3. For 2’’5/8 and 3’’3/4 torsion spring only

Support Bracket MAS0356
1. Thickness: 4.0mm
2. Material: Steel/Zinc plating
3. Extend distance to 152mm for 6’’ spring

Bearing Bracket MAS0705
1. Thickness: 4.0mm
2. Material: Steel/Zinc plating
3. Distance: 127mm / 152mm

Bearing Bracket MAS0805
1. Thickness: 4.0mm
2. Material: Steel/Zinc plating
3. Distance: 144mm


Bearing Bracket



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