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How to maintenance of sectional garage doors?

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How to maintenance of sectional garage doors?

How to maintain the garage door in daily life:

First, spray lubricant on the track

Sprinkle graphite powder on the rails, spray household lubricant or silicone onto the shaft, or spray the sectional garage doors special lubricant spray on the rails and shafts for lubrication. If there is a pulley, please use the same lubricant as the one on the shaft.

Second, tighten all the loose screws

Look for loose parts and tighten as needed. While the door is sliding, check the plate on which the spring is mounted, make sure the screws are tightened, and tighten the loose screws. Check the hinges that hold the various parts of the door together, tighten all loose screws and replace the damaged hinges. The door sometimes sinks to one side, and this problem can often be corrected by repairing the hinge.

Third, check the spring

The garage door has a balance system. As the time of use is longer, the torsion of the torsion spring may be reduced, and the door body will be heavy. In this case, the upper limit should be used for a few turns, and the safety of the person should be paid attention to! The thickness of the bar must be inserted into the gap of the torsion spring head to avoid slipping the injured person himself!

Fourth, remove the track dirt

Clean the track with a high concentration of household cleaner to remove dirt and hardened grease. Thoroughly clean the shaft and dry the rails and shaft. Always clean the track and remove the debris inside the track, so that it will not affect the movement of the door. If the door is stuck, we should check whether the torsion spring and the accessories are firm, if any damage occurs. We should promptly repair and replace the phenomenon.

Fifth, check the metal track

Check the metal rails inside the garage and see the mounting brackets that secure the rails to the wall. If the bracket is loose, tighten the bolts or screws. Close the garage door and check the inside of the garage for any dents, bends or flattening. If there is any damage, use a rubber mallet or a piece of waste wood to hit the place with a hammer. If the track is badly damaged, you must replace it.

Sixth, to ensure that the track is on the horizontal line

Check the track with a spirit level to make sure the tracks are on the same level. The horizontal track should be slightly inclined to the rear of the garage. On the wall of the garage, the two tracks must be at the same height. If the tracks are not properly aligned, loosen the screws or bolts that secure the mounting bracket, but do not remove them, then Carefully tap the tracks to move them to the proper position. Re-check the rails with the spirit level to make sure they are in the correct position, then tighten the screws or bolts on the mounting bracket.

Seven, check the door surface

Regularly clean the surface of the electric garage door to avoid rust and corrosion caused by long-term use. When cleaning, do not use chemical cleaner to clean it. This will cause oxidation to the paint surface of the garage door.

The following are the main contents of the maintenance operation for the various conditions of the garage door:

First, The drive cannot be started with a manual switch or remote control.

Possible causes: 1. The drive unit is not connected to the power supply. 2. Manual switch or remote control receiver board is open. 3, too many runs lead to motor thermal protection

Maintenance method: 1, check the socket, plug, manual switch, fuse fuse. 2. Check the manual switch and remote control receiver board wiring. 3. Reposition the travel switch to increase the stroke.

Second, if the door is not closed, it will automatically reverse the operation or stop the operation when the door is opened without touching the travel switch.

Possible reasons: 1. The resistance of the switch door is greater than the setting of the opening and closing load force to activate the obstacle sensing system. 2. The length of the connecting rod is improperly adjusted.

Maintenance method: 1. Pull off the clutch device to check whether the door body and the torsion spring are balanced and whether the opening and closing is flexible. 2. Increase the opening and closing load force. 3. Adjust the length of the connecting rod when the door is closed.

Third, the manual switch can control the drive device and the remote control can not

Possible causes: 1. The manual switch can control the drive unit and the remote control cannot. 2. The remote control system is faulty.

Maintenance method: 1. Follow the instructions to complete the code operation 2. Replace the internal battery of the remote control. 3. Have the maintenance personnel check the receiving control board.

Fourth, the door is not strict or open is not complete

Possible cause: The position of the travel switch is not adjusted correctly.

Repair method: Reposition the travel switch to increase the stroke.

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