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What is the difference between roller and sectional garage doors

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What is the difference between roller and sectional garage doors

At present on the market, shutter door and garage door is a kind of more used industrial door, it can be used in a lot of enterprises workshop, warehouse and residential house, it can also be used in a lot of shops. what on earth are the differences between shutter door and garage door, we will analyze carefully as following.
Shutter door is a kind of door with multi-joint slats in series, running in the fixed slide, rolling up around the draft to achieve opening and closing. It can be divided into manual shutter door and electric shutter door by opening mode. Garage door, also known as sectional door, is generally controlled by microcomputer program, easy to use, just need to press the remote control handle, and the motor with automatic delay lighting, when used, no sound, no harm to the environment. It has Beautiful appearance, elegant, simple and generous out looking. It also has the rebound blocked to guarantee safety.
No matter shutter door or garage door, they are all made of fine material and high-quality accessories with high-grade technology to guarantee safety


It is very hard to make a choice When a lot of friends are choosing the outdoor, because there are many kinds of outdoor and each of them has their own characteristic and function, a lot of users are not specially understanding to its detailed information. Today we will focus on the garage door and shutter door to find out their differences in the function, structure and material.


In the function side of garage door and roller shutter door

First of all, from the functional point of view, the garage doors and shutter doors are now with electric remote control and manual opening device. Generally use electric switch, safe and fast, it can also use manual device when power failure to avoid causing trouble.


In the structure side of garage door and roller shutter door

Secondly, from the perspective of structure, the ordinary garage door is composed of multiple panels, which are suspended from the ceiling. Shutter door is composed by pieces of slats, rolling into a cylinder, because this is more deft, installation also wants agile. The garage door may be affected by the water pipe and the second beam in the garage


In the material side of garage door and roller shutter door

From the material, the material of garage door is generally galvanized or color steel plate molding, the middle is foaming material; The shutter door is made of double layer aluminum alloy. That is, the service life of the garage door is longer than aluminum alloy shutter door, the garage door is better than shutter door on air insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft performance.


The advantages of garage door showed as following:

Heat insulation: the energy-saving polyurethane is quality heat insulator, non-absorbing and wear-resistant material with R-Value 13.73

Finger Protection: safety is important to today’s homeowner. As your door closes, the exclusive finger protection system gently pushed fingers away from section joints.

Triple-Layer: triple-layer door includes the ultimate in thermal properties, plus a layer of steel for a finished interior look and adds durability.

High Strength & resistance material

Due to heavy-duty exterior and interior steel, polymeric coating keeps the door nice appearance, low maintenance, durable and reliable.

Air Tightness: The sealing system between door panels and around the door leaf increases the air tightness, prevents heat loss and blocks airflow between sections.

Noise Insulation: the thermal-insulation has sound-proof property. They prevent noise penetrating from the surroundings effectively


Shutter door features:
1, Beautiful and fashionable appearance, surface paint treatment, durable, anti - sunlight, anti - rain, anti - corrosion, anti - scratch.
2, A variety of installation options, including external installation, internal installation, central installation; Installation requirements are not high, do not occupy the garage door interior space.
3, In case of minor collision can rebound recovery, such as external damage can be a single piece replacement.
4. Easy installation, fast construction speed and time limit saving.

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