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Frozen Storage Fast Rolling Door


Frozen storage Fast Rolling Door


Low temperature high-speed doors are usually installed in warehouses below zero, which need good insulation performance. Master well cold storage doors have high reliability and practicality, and their fast operation can save refrigeration power consumption.



Sealed insulation, fast roll up

With anti-collision and self recovery function

With anti freezing heating structure

Low temperature work guarantee

Easy to use, interlocking, fast adjustment speed, with self diagnosis function

Standard configuration: infrared eye and anti winding bottom edge protection



It is mainly used for constant temperature storage of food, dairy products, meat, aquatic products, poultry, fruits and vegetables, cold drinks, flowers, green plants, tea, drugs, chemical raw materials, electronic instruments, etc.


Options of operation

Our door's opening way has the push wall switch, remote control, pull rope switch, magnetic loop, radar sensor, signal lamp, etc.


 high speed cold storage door (15)


Frame Structure

Extruded aluminum side guide, Galvanized steel frame

Thickness of door curtian

0.9mm PU

Frame Options

Galvanized Steel/Aluminum Steel/Stainless Steel

Max available width


Max available height


Speed of opening

0.8m/s-1.6m/s, adjustable

Speed of closing

0.6m/s, adjustable

Working temperature


Power supply


Control box



5 years for mechanical parts, 1 year for electronic parts


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