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How a Dock Leveler Works

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How a Dock Leveler Works

In warehouses and many industries, dock equipment plays a key role. Having the right dock equipment and getting the job done safely and efficiently is very important. With the right dock levelers, loading goods into truck beds or other vehicles can be made easier and faster, while also ensuring operational safety.


The main role of the dock leveler is to work by bridging the distance between the car and the loading dock. Dock levelers can hold extremely heavy items, and they become more durable with heavy use. The following is a brief introduction to how the following platforms work:

1/Edge Dock Leveler

The Edge Dock Lift operates by placing the drive handle into the hole in the inner lip and pulling it down toward the floor. The operator then pushes the handle forward until the lip rests on the truck bed. The lip automatically retracts behind the bumper face when the trailer leaves.

2/Mechanical Dock Leveler

The operation of the mechanical platform is also quite simple, you will see that there is a hole in the table top, and there is a chain in the hole, this chain is the key part of raising our mechanical dock leveler. The operator pulls up the chain and the table will rise immediately. If you need to put down the dock leveler, please stand at the top of the dock leveler. This dock leveler descends by gravity.


3/Hydraulic Dock Leveler

This is the easiest to operate among the three, because the operator controla the dock leveler through the control system, so that the dock leveler can run without other operations.

The above three styles are the three most commonly used dock levelers, we can choose the dock leveler suitable for practical use. If you don't have enough space to build a foundation pit and don't have a place to plug in a power source, then we'd recommend buying the Hydraulic Dock Leveler which is the best-selling and safest dock leveler among several styles. Through the control box, we can easily operate our dock leveler. Some customers prefer the mechanical dock leveler because it is durable and will not fail electronically, which is also a good choice.

This is our target, if you are interested in our dock leveler or have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to provide you with our solutions. Thank you for watching.


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