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What is a loading dock leveler?

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What is a loading dock leveler?

Master Well loading dock leveler(also called loading and unloading platform) It is an important part of the whole facility process of an enterprise. The loading and unloading dock leveler is the starting point and terminal point of the material circulation procedure in the facility. The platform is used to connect the gap between the freight platform and the rear of the truck in the loading and unloading operation. Different types of trucks have their tails higher or lower than the platform. The loading dock leveler will be raised and lowered to the rear of the truck, so that the forklift can enter and exit the truck freely for safe and smooth transportation.


Dock leveler Types

There are different types of dock levelers. Some examples are hydraulic dock levelers, manual dock leveler, edge of dock levelers, container dock levelers and the Dok-box pit forming kit. Below are descriptions of the types of dock levelers.


Hydraulic Dock leveler-this is stored in the dock pit and provides the smoothest transition between the dock leveler and trailer improving safety and productivity at the loading dock. Thus, preventing injuries and minimizing forklift and product damage. The hydraulic positioning of both the lip and platform ensures high reliability and low maintenance of the dock leveler, and push button activation provides the dock attendant with simple control for safe operation.


Manual Dock leveler-a dock attendant manually pulls the release-chain lifting the leveler from the stored position and the platform-which is equipped with an ergonomic system that delivers a smooth, consistent experience-is walked down onto the trailer bed.


Edge of dock leveler is a simple dock to truck leveler which is positioned on the edge of the dock which is ideal for trucks with minimal height difference, or if space around the dock is a problem. It also saves time and space by eliminating the need to store, find and move portable plates to correct dock positions.


Vertical storing dock leveler-this is stored upright, allowing the truck to fully dock before opening the trailer doors and ensuring superior security and environmental control. Because it is stored vertically in front of the dock door, it acts as a door protection which guards against vehicle impact to the dock doors preventing door damage from accidental impacts.


Container dock leveler is designed so that the trailer can park underneath the dock platform allowing the forklift to access the container on the leveler with ease. The levelers can be mounted inside the building with the cavity under the leveler or alternatively can be mounted in front of the loading docks. These provide room for the trailer under the dock leveler, so containers positioned in the middle of trailers can be entered whilst still on the trailer.


The Dok-Box Pit Forming Kit is a dock leveler pit which easily fits together therefore, minimizing costs associated with pouring a dock leveler pit. The part slides and are hooked together to easily create the pit you need.

Choosing a smooth transition dock leveler results in fewer employee injuries, less product and equipment damage, and low lifetime ownership costs.

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