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When to replace garage doors?

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When to replace garage doors?

It's only natural that a garage door may get some dings and dents over the years. But do you need to replace it?While they last a long time, you use your garage door ( more than you might realize – more than an estimated 1,000 times per year. Monitoring its condition and keeping it maintained will help to extend its life. Yet, there are issues that might warrant you to replace it. Issues such as safety, security, function, and aesthetics are all good reasons for replacing it.

When You Should Replace Your Garage Door (

If you are wondering if it is time to replace your garage door,we'd like to provide some related information for your reference.

Wear and Tear

The modern family uses the garage as their main entry and exit to the house. This can put a lot of wear and tear on the door and its opener. With increased frequency, it can malfunction and become damaged quicker. Maintenance should be done regularly to determine if significant wear and tear warrants replacement. If the door gets stuck or repeatedly breaks, you are best replacing it.

Storm Damage

Storms that product hail and strong winds can damage the door. Dings and dents can happen on metal or steel garage doors and are usually minor concerns. Steel insulated garage doors are stronger doors and will withstand wear and tear longer. If the damage causes a hindrance to the door opening and closing, it is time to replace it. In addition, if you have wood, heavy rain can rot, strong wind can crack or splinter, and hail can put holes in your garage door. This type of damage destroys the structure, so it is time to replace it.

Safety and Security Concerns

There is a certain amount of peace of mind you should expect to feel in your own home. Hearing unpleasant noises from your garage door on a regular basis can create unease. If you know something is not quite right, you should get it checked. While it might only need service, there is the possibility that you have a safety and security issue. Maybe a safety feature is missing, or there is a malfunction with the door opening and closing unexpectedly. You can't risk someone getting hurt or your home being vulnerable to theft. When there are safety and security risks, it is often best to replace the garage operator and/or the door.

Upgrades and Features

Even if it operates properly, older garage doors and operators don't have the upgrades and features that modern families want. Features like better insulation quality can help save on your heating and cooling costs besides providing more comfort if you use it as a work space or play area. Technological features like remote access and monitors can provide easy checks directly from your device. Newer operators are made to produce less noise and many offer a backup battery system that will activate if you lose power. These and other features might be worth the peace of mind and convenience compared to living with an older door or opener.


Older garage doors are not just inconvenient, they are plain and boring. Most homeowners want a house that has curb appeal! With many garages being the first thing people see when they drive up to a home, replacing the garage door with a new look is likely a good investment. Newer models have options like design styles, window styles, finishes, and colors. There is no need to settle for that plain, boring door when you can replace it with one that blends with your house's architectural features.

Whether for safety, security, convenience, aesthetics, or another reason, you don't need to wait to replace your garage door and opener.

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