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How dose a dock leveler work?

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How dose a dock leveler work?

Dock leveler working principle: guide rail type work is the original hydraulic lifting platform for the power, big load, and can realize hierarchical control between floors, with set oil cylinders or bilateral oil cylinder, driven by a motor when lifting gear pump rotating pumping oil into the cylinder, cylinder under the action of the pressure of hydraulic oil up to work, drive chain to rise.The chain is fixed on the loading table to make the loading table rise;When descending, under the action of the self-weight of the table, the solenoid valve will return the hydraulic oil of the cylinder to the tank, thus making the table fall smoothly.

1.The loading and unloading platform shall generally start with the lower arm, the middle arm and the upper arm.During the operation of the lifting platform, the lower arm must be lifted to a certain height before turning, turning should be slow, at the same time, pay attention to whether the distance between the shear arm and the platform to each equipment meets the safety needs.

2.The signal must be clear and accurate.Prior to the operation of the loading and unloading platform, the person in charge of the work shall make technical and relevant safety explanations to the operators, including safety precautions and danger points.

3. Operators on the working platform shall strictly wear safety belts. When working in live areas, the vehicle body shall be grounded according to regulations.

4.Division of labor and scope of responsibilities.In addition to the inspection of vehicle conditions and operators, the loading and unloading platform is also responsible for checking whether the terrain environment, takeoff and landing meet the requirements of safety technical measures or the work plan formulated in advance. If there is any discrepancy, corresponding measures should be formulated before work can begin.


Maintenance of unloading platform


Loading and unloading platform, as a kind of elevator application, bears the responsibility of high-rise residential users, so it is very important for its maintenance.Strictly speaking, the loading and unloading platform has its own maintenance and maintenance manual, so what aspects should we start from when maintaining at ordinary times?

First of all, electrical components: the central nervous system of the elevator, the starting and running of the elevator and the opening and closing of the door are dominated by it, so in the daily maintenance work must be treated as a heavy in.It is best not to short-circuit the elevator circuit in the control panel.Elevator door system failure, someone to figure out the convenience of the elevator door to short, in order to find the fault, this is very dangerous, short door accident most.

The second is the maintenance of mechanical parts, elevator hall door and car door maintenance, elevator traction machine needs oil lubrication.Elevator failure generally more in the elevator hall door and car door, so should pay attention to the hall door, car door maintenance.First, the upper shelf of the door should be refueling place, keep good lubrication, the elevator will not be in the running and the door to open the voice of unpleasant.

Finally, attention should be paid to the safety of the elevator contact or touch screen type plate switch line inspection, because the elevator doors frequency is higher, can make the switch line is damaged, loading and unloading cargo platform that requires maintenance personnel must check in every job, the change will change in advance, don't let the user because the problem of door of elevator product quality, reputation and customer loyalty to enterprises' will produce bad effect.

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