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Product News

  • The standard of high speed spiral doors?

    Aluminum alloy high speed spiral door(https://www.masterwellhk.com/Turbine-Motor-Garage-Thermal-Insulated-PU-Foam-Spiral-High-Speed-Hard-Fast-Roll-Up-Doors-pd40786166.html) is a new type of metal industrial door which integrates the characteristics of fast, energy saving, sealing, high efficiency, w

  • What's the Material of Hard Fast Doors?

    In recent years, the poor security, insufficient anti-theft performance disadvantages of PVC soft curtain doors has been shown with the wide application of PVC fast shutter doors, in order to cope with this situation, fast door manufacturers made a new set of security and anti-theft, fast opening and closing performance in one of the hard fast shutter door products after active research and development.

  • Where to buy a high speed spiral door?

    High speed spiral door is a new metal industrial door, which is used to keep warm, energy-efficient, efficient, anti-wind, the highest opening speed can up to 2m/s, apply to high frequented logistics channel. Economical and efficient, the High Speed Spiral sectional door, with electromechanical dri

  • The Drive System of Hard Fast Doors?

    The hard fast door is mainly composed of track, door panel and drive system. That is to say, the structure of the hard fast door has been modularized, and basically, the components have been assembled before the factory leaving, and three modular parts are formed, which can be assembled on site, and

  • What is the function of high speed spiral door?

    The hard fast door of Master is an international leading high-tech product developed with the latest technology. The prominent feature of the spiral door is energy saving, which can reduce the heat loss by opening and closing the doorin high speed and maintain the temperature (hot/cold) in an ideal

  • Differences between high speed pvc door and high speed spiral door?

    The definition of high speed door is divided into two kinds: high speed spiral door(https://www.masterwellhk.com/Strong-Commercial-Security-Aluminum-Alloy-Spiral-High-Speed-Hard-Fast-Shutter-Doors-pd47080166.html) and high speed PVC door. Among them, high speed spiral door is what we often call the

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