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Do you really need an insulated garage door?

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Do you really need an insulated garage door?

There are many kinds of garage doors, including various of functions and types, each has its own characteristics and advantages, of course, according to the needs of each person will be slightly different. Today, to introduce you is more commonly used and also very convenient, the insulated sectional garage doors, but also to facilitate you to better choose according to your own needs. So is the sectional insulated garage door what you need? Please check the following characteristic of insulated garage door.


Appearance and Quality of Insulated Garage Door

Sectional garage doors have great advantages in both quality and appearance. The door panels of sectional insulated garage doors are made of multi-coated double-layer steel plates, heat insulation sandwiches and the best metal fittings. The open door power device of this garage door uses micro-computer control technology, which is in the leading level in China. The remote control distance is more than 30m to achieve non-stop access to and out of the garage. The garage door is also equipped with a million passwords for you to choose safely. At the same time, our garage door also has the functions of remote control, electronic control, manual, outdoor power outage unlocking device, automatic lighting, delayed lights off, obstacle recovery, password locking and so on. These functions bring us convenience and a sense of security.


Operation and Moving of Sectional Insulated Garage Door

Sectional insulated garage door can be operated by remote control directly. In other words, you no longer need to open it with a key. When you go downstairs, you just need to press the electronic key of a garage, and the door will open automatically. It can be said to be convenient, labor-saving and time-saving. Insulated sectional garage doors are controlled by computers, so the functions of natural anti-theft and other aspects are more comprehensive and more secure, and can be notified as soon as problems arise.

Safety system of turning garage door: In case of resistance rebound system, the facility can stop the door when it encounters resistance, which can protect the safety of people and vehicles, as well as the reliable use of the door; infrared sensor control system can effectively ensure the safety of people, vehicles and pets; anti-theft alarm system, when someone prizes the door, the loudspeaker will give an alarm to protect safety. At the same time, it has the function of standby batteries for power outage, and no need to open the door manually after power outage.


The sectional insulated garage door is also equipped with lighting. In order to save electricity, the working time of the induction lamp is about three to five minutes. After installing the insulated sectional garage door, not only is it convenient to switch, but also the safety coefficient has been greatly improved, and the anti-theft coefficient has also increased. Compared with the ordinary roller shutter garage door, the appearance of this product is much better. It not only brings beauty, but also ensures safety.

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