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    Bi-fold windows provide the wonderful function of connecting your interior spaces with your exterior spaces. This combination not only allows for a free-flowing entertainment space, it also provides unobstructed views. This allows your entire space to become one large area.

  • Benefits of an awning window

    Awning windows are a popular window style as they offer a range of benefits while working well with both modern and traditional architecture. Wideline awning windows are available in timber and aluminium, which allows diverse design and functionality.

  • Pros of Awning Windows

    1. Better VentilationThanks to their unique sizing, placement, and functionality, awning windows are able to offer your home better ventilation and lighting than traditional sliding windows. For example, when it rains, an awning window is able to remain open and continue allowing cool air into the h

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Casement Windows

    Casement WindowsCasement windows are ones which swing out from the side. They are often installed as part of a window installation but can be installed as a single window as well. They work well in locations where you cannot easily push a window sash up, such as above kitchen sinks or countertops.

  • What Is a Casement Window?

    For different types of Windows, it can be difficult to understand the context of all Windows. That's where we come in! Have you heard the term "casement window" but aren't sure what it actually looks like?So what exactly is a casement window?A casement window is any window connected to a window fram

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