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Industrial Sliding Doors

Our industrial sliding doors come in a variety of fabric types and can be used in a variety of applications and environments. If you are looking for a high-speed interior industrial sliding doors solution that opens and closes quickly while maintaining temperature and reducing energy costs, we strongly recommend that you use high-performance fabric doors. Our high-performance folding/sliding doors are ideal for food processing and processing as well as pharmaceutical, cleanroom and refrigerated applications, and require permanent airtight seals. High-performance folding and industrial sliding doors allow you instant access to the entire door height. The high speed operation and horizontal movement of the door allow access to the very fast forklift from the opening. Our door panels are made of durable and impact resistant materials with permanent leak protection. High performance industrial sliding doors provide cold storage and restaurants with unprecedented speed, isolated R value and impact resistance. With unique technology and excellent design, high-performance insulated sliding doors have advanced thermal insulation functions and can withstand harsh refrigeration conditions.

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